Mystic Wandering

The mystic pursues union with Spirit through non-ordinary states of consciousness, e.g. peak experiences, unitive awareness, awakened witnessing, supernatural events. In direct opposition to separation, these moments are influenced by nonduality, and are the ones that raise our awareness beyond ego. Eventually our soul awakens, and we become closer to God. With time our habits and character change, and we become a new person, no longer of this world. It is our spirit now that lives here. And it spends its time following the way that is laid out before it by Divinity. Stillness of mind and unconditional love giving rise to “superconscious thought” and spontaneous “action without action” determining our response to the world. Not predicted by, and significantly deviating from ego, this results in each moment feeling fresh and filled with goodness. Living becomes a wandering of sorts, filled with peace, love, and communion. And, with each moment glorifying God.

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