Forgiving Love

Psychological forgiveness requires regret on the part of the offender, amends, and the ceasing of the harmful action. The event loses any significance, any grief, and is forgotten. Maybe, some right learning has occurred, but life moves on.

Divine forgiveness asks for none of those things. It is a merciful act. And, it always includes a karmic lesson. With this interconnectedness of all things revealed, both perpetrator and victim receive grace. Divinity is approached, with more love, light, and truth in relationship.

Non-Striving Mind

Using the Nineteenth Century psychologist William James’ belief that the spiritual personality is located in the silent interval between thoughts, one can imagine a non-striving technique enabling Spirit to emerge. Observe the mind as it darts around, while subconsciously noting the quiet moment that occurs in between these points in time. But make no effort whatsoever to bring the silence about, and do not even consciously note its appearance. Eventually one perceives, but only after the fact, that these quiet intervals have increased. This recognition occurs when you have realized that you feel peaceful, time feels eternal, and your ego feels more ethereal. Not dwelling on this recognition, but remaining mindful and allowing it to pass, opens the door for further transpersonal awareness to come forth.

Blessing or Temptation

When the proverbial door opens it may not always be an entryway, sometimes it is a trapdoor. Blessings are usually characterized by a culmination of significant effort toward a goal that is guided and branded by Spirit. The miracle is in the unexpected opportunity or outcome, but one in which there have been no shortcuts, no bending of the rules, no betrayal of oneself or Spirit. It is a trap, or some may say a temptation from the Devil, when the opportunity or outcome is a shortcut, a way to speedily accomplish or obtain our desire. These occur in many forms. A drug-induced spiritual insight that is not maintained through regular practice, a romantic involvement before grieving the previous relationship, or a business deal that is too easy or good to be true. In discerning whether blessing or temptation, it is self-awareness and witnessing mind that guide us best.   

Paradox and Pragmatism in Religious Literature

It is believed there about 4200 religions in the world today. All claim to reveal the truth of reality, and in doing so prescribe righteous behavior. Consider the various means to practice one’s spirituality, e.g. mystic, clergy, monastic, sage, householder, healer, and the complexity of faith increases exponentially. Historians, philosophers, and theologians attempt to codify this wealth of spiritual wisdom but can easily confuse their audience. Historical accounts frequently omit facts and contradict, past and present sociocultural politics can influence what is deemed true, metaphor and allegory can be taken literally, and intuitive knowing does not always take over after reason reaches its point of diminishing return. For those not wedded to convention and logic, paradox in religious literature can serve to open the doors to aspects of reality not accurately recorded, easily described, or understood. And when coupled with one’s willingness to test the utility of religious concepts or precepts through life experience, can guide the seeker toward his or her spiritual goals. 

Spiritual Way of Love

Love yourself from within to relinquish

your individuality.

Or else you will seek love from others,

and remain attached to your self.

Love the world to renounce the world.

Or else you will reject the world,

holding disdain for that which

God has created and loves.

Meet hate, darkness, and evil with Love.

Or else you will strengthen their power,

because you will have

mimicked their ways.

Loving with awakened mind and 

without judgment is transformative. 

And turns the ones apart into the All,

conflict into Harmony,

and the bad into Good.

A Transpersonal Truth


has its place in existence.

But never belongs in the hands of the ego.

Watch ordinary mind fade away,

and lean into the spirit God wants you to be.

Intentions and choices altered,

 be transformed into someone else again.

Unlike before,

follow the force pulling you forward,

graciously relieved of a future that is personal.

No longer committed to a self,

any and all striving gives way to Being.

Pure perfection meets karma,

bringing God’s love and will into the world.