Bullets to the Heart

Mystic surrender is giving up on the mundane “wants”, “shoulds”, and “don’ts” in life. Letting them go, not seeking or resisting. No judging, except for being sure you do no harm, and that your actions originate from mystical consciousness. The awakened voice that brings with it definitive truth, mercy, and love. It cannot happen any other way, lest the soul be wounded. When the “wants” presented in your life coincide with your wishes, accept and praise God. When they don’t, bless the circumstances and move on. No celebration or grief, they only serve to strengthen ego. “Don’ts” are often good intentions gone wrong. The result of ignoring or disrespecting what Spirit, from its wisdom, deemed you should do. Acting on your own accord you restrain the spirit, which only serves to deflate the soul and hurt the heart. And if of bad intentions, duality most likely severed your heart from God’s, causing you to do harm. Your “me” having become paramount, a little god seeking its own glory. With forgiveness and compassion re-establish union with God and allow the Divine to guide you in giving up trivial prohibitions. “Shoulds” seduce you into believing you are secure and in control. All that is required is to act as others do, and follow the rules. After all, there is strength in numbers, and the majority must be right. But the mystic’s life, while for the benefit of the tribe, is not a life of the tribe. It is one of remaining close to Spirit, obeying revealed sacred principles, and living the freedom granted you by doing so. A liberation characterized by love and abundance, the result of diligently following and glorifying God.


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