Following The Way Outlined

“Following the way” is defined here as following the principles of the Cosmos, the inherent laws of existence; also known as the will of God Spirit Source. Simply stated, “following the way” is “following divinity”. The way inherent in our superlative awareness. 

We start by following these principles with reason, forethought, and intention. Often unknowingly in service of our individual needs and desires. And this usually involves some type of problem-solving, whether pre-emptive or responsive to an external event. We acknowledge our situation is the result of previous choices, actions, etc., and we address the resulting consequences. But ignorantly we do so with the intention of shaping things according to our personal will. Technically then, not so much “following the way” as creating one’s own way.

A true following the way comes when we are in unity with existence. Our agency is wedded with the forces of reality and we always defer to them. Approaching life with a personal autonomy that comes second to these laws. Or, if we think in terms of God Source Spirit, second to its omnipotence. Efforts are focused on going where omniscience wants us to go. This is truly following the way as we tend to think of it without ego involvement. It is not so much a problem-solving approach, as discerning what it is that we are being directed to do. Higher inspired intuition associated with unitive awareness is an integral part of this process. As is the wise application of the spiritual principles of one’s theology. Without regret or wanting the past to be different, one opens up to the possibilities being presented. Not necessarily foreseen or wanted, one receives them with a sense of newness and adventure. We accept and respect the happenings of now. And we rely on, and trust, divinity for what comes next.

Being the way is the nondual experience of enlightenment. Respecting the eternal now, no singular action or thought, nor experience, of any kind is deemed significant, or even fully understood. Other than that its occurrence is right. For it can be no other way, the principles of existence have been enacted, and the will of God Spirit Source is occurring. There is no thought of questioning, except to be sure one is in righteous raised non-dual awareness of form-formless consciousness. No separation exists between oneself and material-spiritual reality. One moves according to the truth and wisdom inherent in being; it is said that “one acts without acting”. Divine love and bliss prevail in all circumstance.