Our Brilliance

As we develop spiritually we all shine our own unique “light”. A one-of-a-kind amalgam made from elements of the archetypal spectrum, originating from a vast and enormously complex Source. Explained to us by science and philosophy we are given an infinite variety of psychological, religious, and spiritual ways to describe our personal existence. Even while employing these to the best of our ability our self-knowledge remains limited, and perhaps worse, others never really know us. We all suffer the fate of being misunderstood, maybe even falsely accused. But there is no greater form of this injustice than that imposed on God. Spiritually, no matter whether it is the origin of all, the deity you are responsible to, or what is often referred to as raised consciousness, your god is being maligned. And most often you are the one doing this. For no one can know the true identity of God. Nevertheless, we claim we do. Especially if the aspect of God identified is deemed positive or good. And nowhere is this more rampant and damaging an error than when we declare that God is Love. For no self, and especially that of the Almighty, can be reduced to only one aspect of its being. Complexity of this nature cannot be restricted or made finite. God shines in its own way.

So, rather than professing we know God, we should simply rejoice in the Divine with which we are familiar. Living in the world we inhabit with the God we know. All the while knowing that seeking out what we have yet to understand about existence will reveal more of God’s nature and ways. We then observe God all around us, manifesting as common objects and everyday events. When recognizing the prevalence of godliness in the world it is clear God is more than love. This practice also gives insights into our part in the Divine Character. We come to know God’s presence working in, and through us. And, we recognize that each one of us brings some aspects of God into the world. Nowhere is this more true than when our spiritual practice is one of intimately knowing God. Then, uniquely shining through each of us, God’s Being announces itself and is felt in the world. We become instrumental in revealing the magnificence of God, our God-given brilliance contributing to the godliness all around us.




What Comes Next

How do you feel after completing that “deep” meditation, or having understood that spiritual aphorism or teaching? How does it compare to a “good” yoga class, or perhaps a soul retrieval experience? Scanning your body head to toe, noticing points of warmth, lightness, ease, or their opposites, will give you especially useful information if you correlate it with your conscious awareness. Reflecting on this mind-body connection will inform you of the quality of your spiritual nature and of your relationship with Spirit. Assuming you feel at peace, your mind is quiet, and the world appears fine as it is, what do you do next? Surely, ego monkey mind and its attachments will rise up in you again unless you try to sustain your spiritual feeling. What technique will you employ to maintain the spiritual awareness recently secured from your formal practice time? It need not, nor should it, require great effort, or be noticed by others. Consider activities that are a regular part of your practice that you can employ in a private manner. Simple activities as you continue your day might include carrying a small sacred object in your pocket, focusing on all the beauty around you, silently chanting or praying to yourself, or engaging in random acts of kindness toward others. Not only does this effort contribute to a more enduring spiritual awareness, it also brings Divinity into the world, thereby benefitting others.