There are many ways in which we experience the spiritual. And the names for it are infinite, knowing no boundaries or limits. Some of us call it God, others of us denounce that name as unrealistic, too limiting. What we most likely have in common is that when “spiritual” occurs we know something out of the ordinary has happened. And that something usually means our reality, and often our self, has been challenged or changed. This is sometimes for the moment, sometimes for a while, but always with significance if we can understand and incorporate it into our lives.

As a former Vermont licensed psychologist-master for nearly forty years, and being on a spiritual path for the majority of that time, I have had my share of spiritual moments. And, as might be expected my personal and professional research into them has yielded many insights into the nature of reality and the workings of the mind. These have served to guide me personally on my own spiritual journey, and have enabled me to assist others on theirs. I consider myself a psychospiritual teacher, contemporary mystic, and spiritual mentor. My approach is best characterized as Transmodern, a present era combination of body-mind consciousness principles, general philosophy, and religious and spiritual traditions.

This approach has guided me well in formulating a coherent and eclectic, some might say integral, approach to spirituality. Useful principles and practices have emerged that assist me in understanding and applying the major elements that all major religions and spiritual traditions teach: a pragmatic understanding of reality from earthly life to the mysterious divine; a comprehensive definition of self which transcends and includes individuality; a social-ethical standard for human behavior; a statement about existence after biological death; and, practices for using these wisdom teachings to further one’s spiritual emergence. You are encouraged to read the Overview of the Transmodern Spirituality Paradigm page for a more detailed description of this approach.

Of course none of us on the spiritual path go it alone. I have been fortunate to have close friends and colleagues who have explored and learned with me, sharing what we have learned from our personal experiences. This sharing, along with both teachings I’ve attended and from presentations I’ve given, have fostered my spirituality, enabling me to be clear about my spiritual objectives, and to practice in a focused meaningful manner.

With No Perfect Om, and its companion site One Perfect Om I intend to lend support to those committed to personal growth and spiritual development, and to provide the opportunity for others to understand my worldview as it informs my approach to teaching and guidance. On No Perfect Om you will find information on my credentials and experience and a brief overview of Transmodern Spirituality. One Perfect Om provides short blogs and ordered listings regarding personal growth and success, meaning, and spiritual development. The two sites are connected through various links so you may move easily between the two.

And of course, I invite your ideas and comments in the hopes we may have a meaningful dialogue that furthers the growth and spiritual development of all who participate.

Robert A. Reimondi, M.A.

(438) 498-9549

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