We Seek Hope

In the beginning of spiritual practice we seek empowerment. And in doing so we develop a much stronger confidence, and if it was lacking before, an optimism. Our ability to master our world improves. We are grateful, and perhaps even feel blessed. Later on the spiritual path, we discover that we have relinquished this optimism. It happens slowly, almost imperceptibly. But sacrificing and transcending ego eventually leads us to rely more and more on God, Spirit, Source. As our union with Divinity expands, and our identification with individuality and independence weaken, optimism is no longer ours to claim. Wisdom has shown that no matter what we wish and plan for, even though influenced by us, is completely the result of the decision made by God, Spirit, Source. Eventually the insight comes, that through faith we best leave the future up to Divinity. That we can only hope. We also learn this requires responding to all resulting circumstances by following the intuitively received direction of God, Spirit, Source. That ego has no say in our lives now. Practicing in this manner, we “feel free” not constricted. The feeling of being “of this world” is replaced with the feeling of being “of God, Spirit, Source”. And brings with it more unconditional peace and love to share.