Consider God in These Seven Ways

God is an unknown Source and Substance that has created everything, and continuously creates in all spheres of existence. When God remembers and interacts with its creations, the Spirit of God is considered to be active.

Everything that exists is a manifestation of God, but everything is not God, only an aspect of God in worldly form.

God is not a Being unless you believe God is, in which case you will experience God that way through spiritual communications, visions, and events. This is a valid belief, and so forming and maintaining a relationship with God is necessary and can be beneficial.

God as Source creates objects and events without conscious willful volition. It is karma, or the law of consequences, that explains the manner in which God as Spirit creates. God does not micro-manage, but instead reality reaches a “tipping point” and manifests as preternaturally determined.

God exists within everything and everybody in varying degrees, and in different ways. If you recognize this within yourself you will be guided by God, and will rejoice in doing God’s work in God’s way.

Submitting to, obeying, and serving God results in the paradoxical outcome of liberation and one lives a life of faith awareness. All of one’s spiritual needs are met, one’s life and the world are experienced as perfect, and love is ever-present.

If enlightened this way, you and God are One, and your awareness is of divinely creating the universe.

2020.06.14 revision of “Reconsider God in These Seven Ways”