Reflections: You, Me, Us, Them

              It is all about us, separate or apart, always together 



Dealing with Ignorance and Ridicule

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Dealing with Ridicule and Ignorance

When others do not understand and then ridicule you, they reveal their ignorance. With a strong ego calmly detach, observe the foolish behavior, and remember who you are. From this stance assertion comes easily, the topic changes, and there are smiles all around. Meanwhile, the spirit within acts from grace, privately wishing them well, and sometimes even praying for them. It is in this last gesture that you move your being to divinity, and feel and project unconditional peace and love. And now if God is willing, the event moves beyond geniality, and ignorance is transformed into principled behavior on the part of the previously ill-mannered. In a miraculous moment your prayer has been answered and has benefitted everyone concerned.



Diversity is the valued range and variety of life, pluralism a divisive force emphasizing difference and individuality, while an integrative synthesis brings all together through overarching truth and collective beauty. This respects cultural heterogeneity in a way that furthers the common good.


Divine Love

Love with another is one of the most prized possessions in this world. However, we settle for a love that is not of infinite and eternal proportion, the one that would leave us truly feeling loved and secure. But we are grateful for the warmth and closeness of this lesser love, no matter that it is imperfect and often fleeting, for it eases the inherent separation of worldly life. Worse still, if isolation occurs, we are obsessively driven to possess this inferior bond, with the result that it obscures our true identity. This only serves to increase our hunger for what is our truest need, the unconditional love of the Divine. This can remain an ever-escalating, empty and painful pattern, ruining one’s life, taking one further away from one’s true self; or, it can become the necessary impetus to find true love. And if good fortune results from that search, we feel connected to the all, see through the illusion of individuality, and know our true self, Divine love.



Beauty tells us the truth

and when we listen

Who we are is revealed


True You

Never confuse wholeness with perfection.

Wholeness recognizes your mistakes, your faults and says you are beautiful, keep pursuing your dreams.

Perfection says try harder, get it right you are never good enough.

It never sees the big picture.

Wholeness always does.


What Would Happen?

What if we did not overrate the value of material things?

We would be more giving of ourselves to others,

What would happen if we did not curse?

We would take more responsibility for our emotions,

What if we did not mock those of a different gender?

There would be more loving self-respect to go around,

What if we stopped explaining events by saying things happen for a reason?

Our courage and wisdom would move us spiritually into the future,

What if we stopped forgiving ourselves by taking false responsibility?

The virtues of deference and atonement would bring healing into the world.


Power of Faith

Monetarily powerful but spiritually poor is one of the saddest conditions of life. And it results in danger for those whose character is not governed by this malady. So be careful not to give the impoverished wealthy power in your world, because their neediness makes them seek to own you as well. For them it is “winner takes all” and they will rule over and suffocate you.

Hold fast to what you know is true, both in the world and for yourself personally. And in your action never relinquish the rules of goodness, lest you be corrupted too. Strive to understand the condition of the powerfully wealthy and practice loving them graciously, letting Spirit’s righteous wisdom and powers guide you in assertive action.



Men, as you get older, so old that it is obvious even to you that you are much older than you feel,

If you have been in the right relationship with a woman all along, she will look younger and more beautiful as you both age.

And here’s the existential secret behind this…

Nothing sexist, nothing magical,

It is love.


Endlessly Dying

I wish you never had to shut down your beautiful heart. Pulling back love to feel safe only makes one lonelier, with persistent isolation rendering even more heartbreak.

Feeling ruined and unwanted you have become deadness once more. Now impenetrable, your old friend, and dreaded enemy, has seduced you yet again.


Express Yourself

Even as one reflects on fortunate or troubling matters one’s thoughts can remain vague and elusive causing one to ruminate or become distracted with no insight resulting from the effort. Speaking aloud, writing out, or drawing what is on one’s mind gives it a structure that holds it’s meaning steady so it can be examined as if it no longer belonged to, or were oneself, making it subject to fresh and objective consideration. Expression then both discovers, and with newfound information, creates oneself.


Essential to You and Me

To be deeply and lovingly connected with another you must first stand apart from them. Remaining separate from one other, free from the constraint of sameness or obligation, you can share your authentic self. In doing so your differences are preserved and you recognize and value each other’s individuality. In granting one another the understanding and acceptance we all seek, a genuinely warm bond is created between two distinct and unique human beings.


Loving Forgiveness

Sometimes we’ve done to another something we strongly disapprove of, and rather than admit our guilt we feel sorry for ourselves.

Punishing to face, the truth confronting us brings the cutting pain of regret, with a deep wounding of our pride.

In these difficult moments it is important to remember, self-pity is not the salve the situation or we truly need.

Instead, with our character stripped bare revealing our darkness, opportunity exists for understanding ourselves.

And if we are kind and compassionate, forgiving ourselves our misdeed, our goodness will return.

And with it the means to apologize and make amends, restoring and strengthening the love that was harmed.


Not More Than a Request

Growing up, the love you received was conditional

Demanding you love the other more than yourself,

Giving you a life convinced you do not matter.

Now, the love you give is not much more than a request

Because no matter how much true love comes your way,

Loving yourself dictates you dare not love another.


Mindful Alerts

Never separate psychological changes needed from the implications they have for your spiritual practice

This is the very way psychological challenges and problems work to inform you of the condition of your soul



When truth inspires

Do not cling to it

Act on it


For You and Me

Like most, my hopes and fears work against my Witness awareness of nonattachment, compassion, and faith. However, when I live life as an experiment with a curiosity about what will happen next, and a commitment to being virtuous in thought and action, then God prevails, and I have done my part, my best for me, and for you.


Live Alive

Work to change what you don’t like

Or learn to live it with love

Either way you’ve changed the world


Loving Injustice

If as Buddhism tells us, there is no undeserved injustice

Then how do we draw the line between victim and thief?

Compassionately without blame or further injustice

With the wisdom and courage to love all that we fear


Crowding Out Heaven

For those who take the work of Bodhisattvas and other saints seriously, remember no matter our ignorance or wisdom, no one escapes karmic consequences. So even though it’s hard to show compassion for one’s self at times, keep in mind that when damning ourselves for our mistakes, the hell one creates is crowding out heaven for all of us.


Our Life Remains

When dark times threaten us, it often means we need more soul than self-sufficiency. By allowing peace and love from God, belief in our faith and ourselves is strengthened; reassuring us we will see our way through. Then we know with certainty our life will not be ruined, but will remain ours as a gift from God.


Forgetting Ego

Forgetting ego means remembering only what God reveres in me. And it is incumbent upon me to extend this blessing to others, for what better way is there to help God help us?



Sadness shows I loved

Anger shows I feared

Both show my humanity

Bringing me to myself

And with God’s Grace

With a gift for you



It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get to the truth, what matters is what you do with it when you get there.


People Disappoint

People will always disappoint

Courageously trust in God first

And pain caused you by others

Will not become your suffering