Transmodern Spirituality Network

The Transmodern Spirituality Network through Meetup supports members in organizing and integrating their spiritual experiences, views, and practices so they meet their spiritual goals. You will find it useful regardless of your approach to spirituality, whether you are new to spiritual practice or have been practicing for decades, have switched from one tradition to another, or are practicing in an eclectic manner.

Transmodern Spirituality (Overview of the Transmodern Spirituality Paradigm) is a present day approach to spirituality that goes beyond tradition’s religious dogma, modernism’s scientific rejection of spirituality, and post-modernism’s pluralism that prevents a meaningful integration and/or respect of diverse religious-spiritual approaches. It integrates scientific knowledge and spiritual wisdom to support all true, useful, and beneficial spiritual approaches. It is a combination of body-mind consciousness principles, general philosophy, and religious and spiritual traditions. It is both a practical means to live one’s spirituality and a method of examining and refining one’s own spiritual practice and development within one’s chosen tradition.

Consider this network if you have been to various trainings and retreats, have gained insights to live better and more successfully, and now realize who you can become spiritually. As you continue your spiritual work these gatherings are designed to help you continue your effort in a focused manner, assist in addressing challenges that oppose your wellness and growth, and guide you along your unique spiritual path.

Meeting formats vary: single seminars on specific topics of interest with brief meditations or contemplations and robust discussion; interrelated presentations best attended as the scheduled series of 4,6, or 8 meetings; or, small group psychospiritual life guidance/coaching (Spiritual Life Conversations). Meetings are generally held in Old Montreal though some may include east or west island locations, with some being free while others will require a nominal fee. The objective of each meeting will be to further clarify and refine one’s spiritual beliefs and practices so one progresses along one’s chosen path.

For more information about the network, and for details on upcoming meetings visit Transmodern Spirituality Network.