Reflections: Out of the Ordinary, Nonordinary and Extraordinary

Hide and seek with the Mystery



Nondoodlings          Giving Way          Loving Creation          Abundance

Seeking Enlightenment          Lord’s Light I Pray          Wait

Church Drawing          Fulfillment

Nondual Seeking



don’t think,

be still

let quiet speak


don’t believe,

don’t know

nothing will tell


not here,

not there

still present everywhere


all empty,

nothing real

the full truth


why now?,

why not?

eternity is certain


light here,

dark there

beauty everywhere




upside down


no mind,

simple mind

always knowing


leave but stay,

come but go

all right here


high but low,

in but out

nowhere and everywhere


sing and dance,

love and romance

courting the Self


Giving Way

A sacred moment,

falling in love with consciousness

Then and there I ceased to exist

So it is,

falling in love with Oneself


Loving Creation

believing one can manifest what is wanted with one’s will

occasionally boasting about the minor things one gets

materialism dressed up and masquerading as faith

more complex than realized, one’s left coveting the trivial


only in God’s way and time do true blessings occur

so believe God already knows the miracles one needs

worship, return all blessings, give to others out of love

then like magic, creation chooses to work on one’s behalf



Abundance is the feeling you have Everything to give

Liberation comes from giving it all


Seeking Enlightenment

Seeking enlightenment is like a dog chasing its tail

Around and around we go

Until one day we realize it was us all along


Lord’s Light I Pray  

Now there is only Shadow’s friend despair

Suffering tears at my soul and spits in my face

Suffocating my heart with it’s strangle hold

Leaving me alone in the darkest of all nights

Taunting me to draw on my faith to restore

With hope I pray for the grace I have lost

My Lord to come and pierce all Shadows

Bringing the dawn that I may live again



In all matters, it can be said of Mind

When you wonder what to say, or how to act

Steady in silence patiently listen

Mind will tell you what It is seeking


Church Drawing

In a church drawing I bought a ticket for God

Though I don’t think He realizes I won the lottery

Because every time I tell Him what to do for me

He tells me to first go fill a bottle with wine

And then if I’ll get drunk with Him

Maybe my dreams will come true



Follow your destiny and it will lead you.


Nondual Seeking

Repeatedly knocking on God’s door like a Christian pilgrim or faithful Sufi will bloody your knuckles. And if in your seeking you remain fascinated with the pain in your heart the door will open and the Devil will offer temptations promising relief and glory. If instead, you attend to God’s blessings, those that leave you blissful and have the angels doing your bidding, you will find the door remaining locked tight. Best you surrender to God’s karmic law in all things form and formless, light and dark, mundane and sacred for then the door will disappear.