Consultation Services


Robert A. Reimondi, M.A.

204 Rue du Saint-Sacrement

Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1W8

(438) 498-9549

My approach is best characterized as transmodern psychospiritual, a present era integration of body-mind consciousness principles, general philosophy, and religious and spiritual traditions


       Guidance and coaching to develop the insight and skills to achieve genuine happiness and fulfillment, with meaning and purpose


interpersonal assertion skills (to improve interpersonal effectiveness

for effective work relationships, marital communication, social relationships

emotional management for unpleasant or problematic feelings (e.g. resolve

angry, anxious, or depressed feelings)

recovery from grief (through resolution of loss and suffering) to reestablish

one’s identity and relationships, and to embrace a new future

positive feelings promotion (to resolve poor self image and/or worth)

 for improved confidence, esteem, strength, etc.

values clarification regarding meaning in life and life objectives (to know

what is important and to set intentions to achieve/live)

lifestyle clarification to create harmony across major areas of one’s life

(i.e. improve organization, self-discipline, and follow-through)

stress management (to decrease feelings of pressure, life out of control, etc.)

by improving control of life through relaxation, objective thinking, and

right choices, activities, and scheduling

mindfulness, meditation, and awareness training (to improve concentration,

awareness, self-knowledge) to increase pragmatic outsight regarding

others’ actions, etc., and pragmatic insight regarding one’s thoughts,

feelings, and actions

existential life clarification (through shadow work, relationship intimacy

enhancement, and finding meaning) to secure genuine happiness,

fulfillment, and spiritual fulfillment


Spiritual teaching, guidance, and coaching to develop qualities of an awakened spiritual character through the integration of common everyday language with religious theology and spiritual philosophy to create an effective disciplined spiritual practice


integration of conflicting worldviews (e.g. scientific with spiritual, Eastern with

Western, different religious/spiritual traditions with one another) to

reduce divisive pluralism, and generate a universally harmonious

spiritual wisdom

authentication of genuine transpersonal experience distinguishing it from

ordinary unconscious, preconscious, and conscious experience) to

insure true understanding of transcendence, extraordinary human

experience, and enlightenment

clarification of spiritual goals (to create an effectively organized personal

spiritual practice) to make desired progress on one’s spiritual journey

integration of true spiritual experience (to resolve psychospiritual confusion

and/or crises resulting from personal, educational or retreat experiences)

so teachings are assimilated and foster spiritual growth

education and advice regarding spiritual strategies (to prevent or remedy

inadequate or harmful practices) to insure congruency between philosophy

and practice, and to maintain one’s personal wellbeing

proper reduction of individuality (to authentically transcend ego while insuring

it is not inadvertently strengthened or inflated) to prevent or correct minor

spiritual impasses

improvement of one’s ability to renounce the world (to prevent strong

        attachment to, or rejection of the world) so one lives in the world with a

balance between material and spiritual aspects that fosters spiritual


strengthening devotion to Spirit (to prevent intellectualism, ignorance, and

materialism from adversely affecting spiritual practice) so practice is

guided by love for Spirit with Its love of humanity and the world

resolution of significant spiritual crises (e.g. dark night of the soul, crisis of

faith, difficulty with activities of daily living due to awakening) so a fulfilling

    spiritual life is maintained with minimal hardship