Reflections: Fully Functioning, Whole

Living mythologically as part of humanity



Duty Free          Life          True You          Destiny          Secret


Duty Free

Placed on this earth as you have been, address your responsibilities dutifully. But more important than these everyday tasks are the responsibilities of the virtues. With them you are brought to your essence, ensuring you will transcend your destiny.



A personally successful life is determined by society and culture, a fulfilling life with meaning and purpose created by an authentic self, and a holy life of service and unconditional love granted by Spirit


True You

Never confuse wholeness with perfection.

Wholeness recognizes your mistakes, your faults and says you are beautiful, keep pursuing your dreams.

Perfection says try harder, get it right you are never good enough.

It never sees the big picture.

Wholeness always does.



Follow your destiny and it will lead you.



Men, as you get older, so old that it is obvious even to you that you are much older than you feel,

If you have been in the right relationship with a woman all along, she will look younger and more beautiful as you both age.

And here’s the existential secret behind this…

Nothing sexist, nothing magical,

It is love.