Transmodern Spiritual Life Consultation

             A description of Transmodern Spiritual Life Consultation as practiced by me, a partial list of the challenges and problems it can address, and a brief statement about my expertise


As a Transmodern Spirituality teacher and mentor I offer a psychospiritual approach to personal and spiritual development called Transmodern Spiritual Life Consultation. It is not psychotherapy, nor is it an alternative healing practice. And it is not a spiritual practice associated with any one religion or spiritual tradition. Rather it is the use of both consciousness studies and spiritual principles to enable one to practice one’s faith and spirituality while grounded in personal health and well-being, and to do so without the confusion and distress that results when one experiences difficulty integrating these two paradigms.

It is a transmodern approach that respects the truth and diversity of scientific and religious worldviews effectively reconciling their conflicting ideas, thereby facilitating the incorporation of one’s spiritual beliefs and experience into one’s psychospiritual being. And with the integration of principles and practices from different religious and spiritual traditions enables one to create a personal theology and means of practice, while enabling one to avoid common pitfalls and impasses so one can accurately monitor and successfully foster one’s spiritual growth. I encourage you to read the Overview of the Transmodern Spirituality Paradigm page for a detailed description of the model used in psychospiritual consultation.

A spiritual life consultation may be useful if you need to reconcile conflicts in your worldview resulting from spiritual practice, feel your practice is at an impasse, have had spiritual moments you have difficulty comprehending and/or integrating into your life, or you and your teachers believe you are not progressing toward your wellbeing and spiritual goals as you would like. Consultation can support and guide you as your spiritual identity grows, improve your spiritual practice to maximize the benefits of your efforts, help you sustain the positive effects of your practice on your life, and help you decide if there are other spiritual goals you wish to pursue. In this regard it helps refine your spirituality to  foster personal fulfillment, be more effective in using your spirituality to address transitions and adversity; and, use your spirituality to improve your mood, relationships, and outlook.

Consultation also addresses the more severe challenges that frequently reveal themselves as crises of faith, ego inflation whereby the self claims credit for that which it is incapable of accomplishing, spiritual materialism in which spirituality supports a worldly life, spiritual bypassing in which spirituality is unsuccessfully used to resolve psychological problems, or pseudo-enlightenment in which one erroneously claims to be realized. Extraordinary human experiences like clairvoyance, religious visions, and dreams that foretell the future, as well as soulmate, near-death, and out of body experiences may also warrant consultation.

The expertise that enables me to assist others in their spiritual growth is easily explained though multifaceted. Like any skilled psychotherapist I am able to observe in others, and help them recognize, the thoughts, feelings, and actions of which they are not aware. Not just any of these aspects of themselves, but those that are assets or strengths that enhance their lives, or that cause or maintain problems for them. Then in a collaborative way I can work with a client to change his or her habits or circumstances to improve their condition. But spiritual guidance requires greater expertise than just effective interpersonal communication. One must be able to discern that which is truly spiritual, be able to discuss it meaningfully, and also be able to incorporate it into one’s life. Being able to do this enables me to bridge the gap between the mental-emotional aspects of the human condition and the spiritual one. This integration provides a holistic approach to helping one maintain a personal wellbeing while assisting in one’s spiritual quest, avoiding or removing barriers caused by seemingly contradictory and mutually exclusive mundane and religious/spiritual worldviews. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, like any coach who monitors a client’s progress, I can guide another toward their spiritual goals as I use their spiritual worldview to help them recognize, understand, and learn from their experiences, thereby helping to avoid or overcome spiritual impasses or crises, and facilitating spiritual development.

See Consultation Services for a more detailed explanation of consultation services provided.

Transmodern Spiritual Life Consultation can be a one-time discussion or an ongoing coaching-mentoring experience. Consultations are 75-80 minutes and priced accordingly.   For more information please feel free to contact me through this website contact page or call me, Robert A. Reimondi, M.A. at (438) 498-9549.