Informed Consent

Necessary information for clients to know, and if use my Transmodern Spiritual Life Consultation services, give their consent


  1. Transmodern Spiritual Life Consultation is not psychotherapy but is spiritual life guidance and coaching congruent with the standards of the International Coach Federation (ICF) that defines coaching, as a collaborative and creative process to enable one to maximize one’s personal and professional potential; that through coaching one increases one’s knowledge, improves one’s performance, and enhances the quality of one’s life. Consultation does not address problems-in-living that hinder one’s life or harm one’s well-being, i.e. that are diagnosable psychiatric disorders. These deficits are not addressed but rather one’s assets are strengthened and used to build upon one’s accomplishments to reach new life goals. In this regard Transmodern Spiritual Life Consultation addresses three areas of well-being through: improving specific life skills to improve one’s satisfaction and success in life; identifying and living what is meaningful in one’s life that leads to fulfillment and self-actualization; and, spiritual guidance to refine one’s spiritual understanding and practice to continue on the path one deems right for oneself, whether that is greater happiness, service to others, and/or self-realization.
  1. The credentials that qualify me to provide Transmodern Spiritual Life Consultation are not from the field of coaching but rather from working as a licensed Vermont psychologist in the U.S. for over forty years. The majority of that time was spent teaching psychology courses at the college level and providing psychotherapy to clients. Consistent with the approach I had taken with psychotherapy, my coaching is collaborative with an emphasis on practical actions to meet one’s goals to improve one’s condition. This has involved attending to the systems in which one resides, identifying and making use of one’s assets and skills, and remaining focused on promoting solution. My second most important credential is my having been on a spiritual path for well over thirty years; and during that time having augmented my religious experience with several major traditions through the study of transpersonal psychology that has served to integrate body-mind consciousness principles, philosophy, religion, and spirituality.
  1. Even though our work together and your personal goals will be focused on growth, realizing your potential, refining your spiritual practice, etc. there may be times when the topics discussed result in discomfort or prove to be unsettling. This can often be a normal part of the change and growth process, and with reflection, further discussion, and time, the new information is incorporated and the discomfort passes.
  1. In our work together I will conduct myself in accordance with the ICF Code of Ethics. A copy of the Code is easily available online or if you wish I will provide you with an abridged version of the code.
  1. It is important to remember that electronic communication with me through email, text messages, my website, social media, etc. are not confidential and that I cannot guarantee confidentiality of any correspondence that occurs between us. In this regard you are encouraged to limit any electronic communication to general, not personal topics related to our work, even if responding to a relevant post, article, etc. Additionally, please use phone calls and voicemail to contact me even if it is only to reschedule an appointment.
  1. Our conversations, and the records I will keep to guide me in our work, are confidential. No information will be released to another without your written consent. There are situations in which confidentiality may not be maintained and I may be compelled to share information without your permission, e.g. if there is imminent or likely risk of danger to yourself or others or if there is a court order to release the records.
  1. Payment for an appointment is due at the time of the consultation. Cash or credit card is preferred, checks will be accepted if we are meeting on a regular basis. A written receipt for payment will be given if requested. Cooperation with this is appreciated as it is a way for me to lessen the administrative work associated with my practice.