No Perfect Om Guide and Directory

There is a wealth of information on No Perfect Om that is written in a way that probably makes it both familiar and foreign to most readers. This brief guide is to help one make the best use of this site to meet one’s needs, and provides an overview of its organization and a directory of its contents to assist one.

The easiest way to use No Perfect Om is to seek out content that interests you in an exploratory manner, with no specific focus or purpose. I believe you will find something interesting that stimulates your intellect or awakens your spirit, providing you something that makes your time spent on this site worthwhile. Enjoy.

If you are clear on some information you seek you should use the drop down menus, keeping in mind they are organized in a matrix according to the two paradigms of psychology and spirituality. These are then divided into the two categories of experience and practice, with each of these grouped according to form, i.e. articles, essays, reflections, and wisdom quotations.

If you are seeking information related to your particular purpose and personal goals you will find that the following directory is organized according to three overarching categories relevant to personal psychological growth and spiritual development: 1) greater life satisfaction, skills, and success 2) genuine happiness, meaning, and self-actualization, and 3) spiritual fulfillment and self-realization. Note that the directory only includes the articles, essays, and reflections organized in this manner, the wisdom quotations, given their nature are not. Regardless of your approach I strongly urge you to read the articles Overview of the Transmodern Spirituality Paradigm and Note on Transmodernism to provide you an understanding of the foundation upon which the rest of the content of No Perfect Om rests.


For Greater Life Satisfaction, Skills, and Success see the following pages:

Mind and Behavior

Death, Grief, and Mourning

Essays on Mind and Behavior 

Reflections: You, Me, Us, Them


For Genuine Happiness, Meaning, and Self-Actualization see the following pages:


Essays on Meaning and Fulfillment

Reflections: Fully Functioning, Whole


For Spiritual Fulfillment and Self-Realization see the following pages:

Consciousness and Awareness

Spiritual and Religious Experience

Spiritual and Religious Practices

Challenges to Spiritual Growth   

Essays on Religion

Essays on Spirituality

Reflections: Everything, Everywhere and Eternally

Reflections: Out of the Ordinary, Nonordinary and Extraordinary

Reflections: Other, Beyond and Undefined