Reflections: Everything, Everywhere and Eternally

In us, around us, forever and eternally



Outside, Beyond, and More         Mindspread          Spiritual Way of Love

Marry Me          Love of Mine          Discipline

Drink Up          Spiritual Indebtedness

Make the Truth Your Own          Redemption

Beauty          Blessings          Dark Moments          Darkness?!

What Do We Mean?          Worship          Sacrifice

Question          Mystics Know    Not the Purpose

Divine Creation          Eternal Life

Expectations          Choose          Renunciation

Subtle Idolatry          Truth          Now is Eternal


Outside, Beyond, and More

Spiritual development is getting outside yourself, beyond yourself, and becoming part of something bigger and more than yourself.

You objectively recognize who you are and what you do, then you discover what is truly meaningful to you and genuinely live it without limitation. Lastly, transcending individuality, existence now becomes unity with all forms, and your being is the pure consciousness that gives rise to them.

Your identity shifts from ego to existential self to spiritual self, and then to Absolute Source.



Psychology emphasizes doing right for oneself and by others in society.

Transpersonal spirituality teaches doing right for others,

for they are you.

Nondual spirituality is Being right in your True Self,

and knowing there is only That.


Spiritual Way of Love

Love yourself from within to relinquish

your individuality.

Or else you will seek love from others,

and remain attached to your self.


Love the world to renounce the world.

Or else you will reject the world,

holding disdain for that which

God has created and loves.


Meet hate, darkness, and evil with Love.

Or else you will strengthen their power,

because you will have

mimicked their ways.


Loving with awakened mind and

without judgment is transformative.

And turns the ones apart into the All,

conflict into Harmony,

and the bad into Good.


Marry Me

“Marry me” I said to God.


She slapped me across the face.

And smiling Her knowing smile,


“I see once again you’ve forgotten our anniversary!”


Love of Mine

She walks with beauty,

this Love of mine

Kissing the sun,

everyone her Beloved



Without discipline spiritual knowing and being lapse into ego logic and reasoning, returning one to mundane existence and suffering. The use of will and intention, augmented by raised consciousness, is the means to sustain the spiritual mind. One uses will power, as conscious choice and effort, to repeatedly reject ego-conditioned choices and to think, act, and feel according to one’s intentions. These would be intentions chosen as necessary for one’s personal and spiritual growth. Examples might include: returning to calm or serenity when one notices it is weakening; showing love to another with a compliment or affirmation; engaging in a daily ritual that reminds one of an important spiritual truth: or, regular service to humanity through one’s vocation or volunteer work. One must choose wisely, selecting the action most important to one’s development, and to do no more than one can do. Often the best strategy is to choose one spiritual habit to strengthen at a time. And then when it becomes something one does naturally one begins working on another. Over time and with patience, one recognizes the desired changes in one’s character as spiritual mind begins to dominate awareness.


Drink Up

In a town in which you’ve never been before,

You walk into a bar, and the Proprietor says,

“What will you have?”

With clarity and confidence of knowing,

from having been in the situation before,

You say,

“A double of your best bourbon,

with a splash, no ice.”

Now, you’re face to face with

Ultimate Reality,

the Source of all Existence.

And It says to you,

“Do you know What I am,

Who I am?”

With certainty and beyond a doubt,

you respond that you have no idea,

and add, “But I know,

I love you with all my heart,

devoutly with all my being.”

Now, the Bartender leans forward,

very close to you, and says,

“Have another, on the house.”


Spiritual Indebtedness

The world does not owe you anything. It does not concern itself with what you want or feel you deserve. Though, that is not to say you are not worthy, only that the world is not indebted to you in that way.

Actually you are to give all you have to the world; that is, all of your spirit with full love and justice. Showing compassion and forgiveness, giving to everything and everyone with whom you come into contact. Never holding back, regardless of condition or situation.

And do not want, ask, or demand a similar gift. Rather, be pushed to selflessness, drained of your virtue, and serve.


Make the Truth Your Own

Repeating a spiritual teaching shows only that one resonates with the truth it conveys. Translating it into one’s own words, for instance through elaboration or commentary, reveals one’s understanding of said truth. And in doing so enables one to contemplate it further, recognize its relation to the Mystery, and learn more of what is asked of one personally as a seeker. This in turn helps one make the stated truth one’s own, so one may fully embody it in one’s words, feelings, and actions.



Apply the universal law of cause and effect based on a justice of fairness and equality, and it is obvious we are all sinners, acting against Spirit’s perfect love. This results in harm to others and negative karmic consequences for oneself but should not be reason to dwell in guilt and fear. Rather let it invite us to open our hearts to one another, for there is no better way to redeem the world than to repent by giving it our love and our life.



True beauty overpowers fear.



How do you count your blessings:

not at all,

the more the better,

as a whole being greater than the sum of its parts,

by giving them back,

by paying them forward?


Dark Moments

Dark nights of the soul

get too much attention

It is the dark moments of the soul

that cause real suffering



Even as one’s spirituality helps give light to humanity and the world,

can one’s spiritual materialism contribute to collective darkness?

Or can it be that it is only giving life to one’s personal shadow?

No difference of course, in either case the light is dimmed.


What Do We Mean?

we talk about it, we teach it, we encourage it

the happiness, the peace, the gifts, the miracles of spirituality

too often forgetting how easily these become spiritual materialism

how thinking this way can inflate the ego, tie us to the mundane world

feeling better, seeking more benefit, more attached as we profess liberation


easy to forget spirituality is not what we receive, but what we give

it is about empathy, kindness, generosity, wisdom, mercy, and love

that genuinely matter in our embodiment of the Spirit, the “I Am”

for true spiritual practice is acting on behalf of God for all others

or we else risk becoming anchored in ourselves and illusion, not the Spirit



Reflect before God

Before hardship brings you to your knees

Before God stops you.

Best to know the Lord as friend, not foe.



Peace granted through spiritual practice endures only if released back to Spirit.


Not the Purpose

We should not seek the explanation or purpose of a particular event in our life, for who can honestly say they know the reason for why things manifest as they do. Instead we should create an understanding that moves us into a future with greater Beauty.



 Is God determining and orchestrating events in your life?

Or are you and God collaborating to determine your life?

Or maybe you are God manifesting life and living the consequences?

Careful, trick question!


Mystics Know

Mystics know that all unsettling discomfort, hurts, and pain, and yes, even pleasure of all kinds, are expressions of our need to be closer to God.


Divine Creation

Fate is both inherited and created, so do not resist life events and circumstances but always honor them.

There is only one perfect work underway; the Divine’s expression of Itself as you, me, and everything else.


Eternal Life  

My Light, My Lord, you are the Knower of all things. And when I humbly asked you the purpose of my life, I was rewarded with the message that it is only to be with you. To do your work by sharing the loving heart you have granted me, so that other souls may realize the truth of eternal life, You.



Hopelessness, the irrefutable loss of what will never be

and the feeling that the desired is utterly impossible

Hope, beyond fact or reason an optimism of what can be

and a faith that what matters is destined to be



Watch out for the darkness or look for the light?

Look for the light because God never hides there!



As seekers it gets our attention

Renounce the world and go to heaven

Do not let the theologians intimidate you

Renunciation is simply thinking about God, adoring God,

and receiving God

It is that easy, that safe, and that foolproof


Subtle Idolatry

Beware of subtle idolatry, which unlike its gross counterpart is not an object seen or a pleasure lusted after. Concentrating on God with the hopes of attaining spiritual ambitions is its primary form. No matter if intentions are high or low, blessed or cursed, only abiding in the will of God is free of idolatry.



Nothingness revealed as form is Beauty


Now is Eternal 

The ordinary mind only understands now to mean this moment, not repeated, never again. The liberated mind knows now is eternal, forever fresh; that the Mystery forever illuminates Itself.