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Robert A. Reimondi, M.A.

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Spiritual Life Conversations

Led by Robert A. Reimondi, M.A.

These meetings are an opportunity to discuss what matters to you, and in doing so learn more about yourself and your spirituality. Come with your questions and leave with answers you can use. This is a place to discuss both body-mind and spiritual awareness, the personal challenges intrinsic to all aspects of life, and to learn ways to promote and manage one’s spiritual growth.

Come to improve upon your personal strengths

Come to expand your genuine happiness

Come to clarify your values and principles

Come to develop your spiritual practice

Come to expand your spiritual awareness

Spiritual Life Conversations is set up so you can attend meetings according to your need and interest. Come as often or as little as you like, discuss topics of importance to you. Meetings are offered twice a week on Tuesday from 7 to 9pm and Thursday from 3 to 5pm. Sometimes we will meet one to one, other times in a group no larger than six. You may see how many are attending when you register for a meeting. Check the Transmodern Spirituality Network page on Meetup for days and times, and to reserve your attendance.

Cost: $20 per meeting.

Location: Rezomont, 3rd Floor, 204 Rue du Saint-Sacrement, Montreal, QC.

It is expected one will reserve and pay in advance for a meeting. One should be certain of one’s attendance, as there will be no refunds, only credit given toward a future meeting.

For more information call (438) 498-9549 or email You might also want to explore this website further or visit my other site, for more information about my experience, teaching approach, and spirituality.


Transmodern Spirituality Network

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