Reflections: Other, Beyond and Undefined

Seeking place, these sentiments reside here



On the Way to God

Awaken          Wonderful Things          Look for the Light


On the Way to God

irony takes you in one direction

while leading your mind in another


showing you the one certain truth

getting you to believe the other


laughing with you along the way

revealing it is both and neither


past all the confines and limits

mystery’s truth is more than either


Look for the Light

Look for the light: no building was ever erected dwelling on the cellar hole.

Look for the light: it shines from the beauty within and around you.

Look for the light: it lifts up and through the clouds to the Source.

Look for the light: shining ahead it guides you forward through fate.

Look for the light: because looking for darkness means you walk into the door not through it.




Off with your head!

The king cries

No more sinners’ truths

Your eternity is now


Let go your loves

No dallying fancies

No barbaric delights

Ignorance ends here


Remember heart

Infinite soul being

Return to your essence

From death awaken!



Wonderful Things

God lovingly says

I see many wonderful things about you

And I long to tell you all I know