Emergent Forgiveness

Practicing long enough one sees the truth in the adage that our base feelings are either love or fear (with the latter including its close cousin anger). Nowhere is this more relevant to our spiritual development then when we know it’s best to forgive, but instead allow our fear to prevent us from doing so. However, we can choose to proceed toward greater virtue, and purify the shadow forces that lurk within our spirit. We can borrow from a traditional dreamwork approach that tells us we can resolve our fears if we approach, conquer, and then befriend all that scares us. That, what was once denied or avoided as an overpowering enemy, e.g. our having been mistreated, a personal maladaptive habit, or an ugly action of our own, when courageously transformed into a friend or ally actually strengthens our spirit. By relinquishing our attitude that emphasized difference (i.e., not us), either through symbolic action (e.g., visualization), or through personal or interpersonal reconciliation, we can gain a more transpersonal perspective. One of integrating within ourselves what we had previously considered not ourselves but only of the other; with a resultant feeling of oneness in which there is no longer some other. This divine integration of seemingly separate aspects (of life, of ourselves, our social networks) now serves as a force of forgiveness in which we can feel love for what we had rejected; for now, they are us and we are them. By having integrated within ourselves what was once held in contempt, love replaces fear and gives rise to a naturally emerging unconditional forgiveness. And in doing so, moves one forward on the mystic path while serving to promote the development of other divine qualities in the world. 

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