Blessing or Temptation

When the proverbial door opens it may not always be an entryway, sometimes it is a trapdoor. Blessings are usually characterized by a culmination of significant effort toward a goal that is guided and branded by Spirit. The miracle is in the unexpected opportunity or outcome, but one in which there have been no shortcuts, no bending of the rules, no betrayal of oneself or Spirit. It is a trap, or some may say a temptation from the Devil, when the opportunity or outcome is a shortcut, a way to speedily accomplish or obtain our desire. These occur in many forms. A drug-induced spiritual insight that is not maintained through regular practice, a romantic involvement before grieving the previous relationship, or a business deal that is too easy or good to be true. In discerning whether blessing or temptation, it is self-awareness and witnessing mind that guide us best.   

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