Owning the Dark Night

No matter where I am on the mystical path, and no matter the degree of severity of my “dark night of the soul”, it lasts only as long as I allow it.

My beliefs and rituals either bring me back to God in a timely fashion, or I endure a protracted loss of identity and suffer a hell of my own making.

If it is the latter, it is usually because I misunderstand the message I am being given by God. Or, I am resisting the way of truth that is being laid out before me. Only a disciplined return to my authentic practice solves this dilemma.

My mystic path tells me: surrender, adoration, and glory. It says return to sacrificing the self, loving all unconditionally, and praising God. Give up your will, attachments, and pride. Return to the helping hand, faith-based love, and being of God.


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