Mystic Confession: It Wasn’t Me

If there are no coincidences, then it wasn’t me. If all circumstances are sacred, then it most certainly could not have been me. Then, what was it that caught your attention? What was it that caused you to stare? It wasn’t me. The spirit within you saw it, felt it. Was drawn to it. But it wasn’t me. Familiar to you, perhaps even quietly desired, the feelings you felt were welcomed. And you thought it was me. But, it wasn’t. You may have wanted to, but you dared not approach. Or, you may have been awed, and moved away. Maybe you approached, getting so close you could touch it. But it wasn’t me. No, you had been gazing upon, and subtly communicating with the spirit within me. There was beauty and there was love. But it wasn’t me. It was Us.

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