Requisite for Spiritual Assertion

On a spiritual path we are encouraged to act gracefully when others act badly. Primarily beginning as ego we practice being assertive through our words and actions. This might mean changing the topic of conversation or politely excusing oneself and walking away. At other times one can speak up for oneself when one feels wronged. An effective method for this is letting the other know what s/he did, informing them of its consequence to you, and how it made you feel. Negotiating for change on the other’s part completes the practice. At other times the ego must consciously remind oneself to be accepting and generous to another who has acted badly. One takes the proverbial “high road”. Here self-talk can move one’s tolerance of an action, to the greater virtue of accepting  the other person.

Eventually the spiritual path demands more than this of us. Now we must identify with all existence, with an awakened soul asserting itself in the world. This requires ego mind be naturally checked, and one’s spiritual mind deciding what will be said or done. What is unknown and unforeseen by ego, but recognized by soul, determines one’s actions. In this way the understanding and logic of Spirit uses the “still small voice” to guide us in gracefully responding to the world. In this regard, not only is one’s peace not disturbed, but one’s power is enhanced and effectively expressed with unconditional love. Sacredness may or may not be felt with this love; if present holiness will be experienced and the love is divine. Additionally, there is the profound sense one has acted, not in service of the other person, but in generously giving to Spirit/God.

The requisite for this spiritual assertion involves the paradox of empowering oneself through the practice of surrendering one’s individual self to Spirit/God. This relinquishing of one’s independent self amplifies Spirit/God, and both shapes and strengthens one’s identity as soul. This practice includes several fundamental tasks. One consistently reminds and wills oneself to have no expectations of others and circumstances, and to not judge in either a positive or negative way. Being receptive and accepting, one does not resist Spirit/God’s will or way. Also, in all situations one moves one’s mind to patience, and then to no-thinking, allowing the spiritual mind to be in charge. In this manner spiritual assertion originates from obedience to Spirit/God. While this obedience requires losing your worldly habits and ways, as soul you gain access to and guidance from the mind of Spirit/God. Sharing in Spirit/God’s omniscience and omnipotence you share in the true abundance all seek. Benefit comes to you, those with whom you interact, and the entire world as Spirit/God sees fit.


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